About Us

Poster Impact is the largest distributor of cafe posters, brochures, flyers and street posters for Adelaide and South Australian major events, festivals, tourism, arts and entertainment.

Poster Impact has established itself as a reputable leader in its field, with the most competitive rates and specialist targeting available in the industry. Poster Impact has the experience and ability to distribute and display posters and flyers through an extensive network within South Australia. We are also constantly expanding our secured sites every month to maintain our prominent displays across the city’s prime venues and major suburban streets.

Our constantly expanding network includes cafes, shopping centres, stores, retail outlets, cinemas, hotels, bookstores, restaurants, backpackers, laundromats, car parks, universities and other educational institutions etc. We also distribute for major festivals and events, film distributors, cinemas, theatre productions, performing artists, small theatre companies, musicians, publicists, and promoters. We are also able to distribute on a national basis to sites in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.